Aftercare Instructions

• 2 hours after your tattoo, remove the plastic bondage and lather area with antibacterial soap, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Soak bandage if stuck. Do not re bandage.
• Let air dry for 15-20 minutes or until completely dry.
• Use “Aquaphor” Healing Ointment, Or A&D creame depending on your preference. Apply a light coat on the tattoo 2-3 times a day keeping area moist for the first 3 weeks.
• Wash tattoo twice daily. Let air dry and apply Aquaphor/A&D ointment.
• After 3 weeks switch to plain lotion free of fragrance or additives (Aveeno recommended).
• Completely rub in a tiny amount of lotion 3-4 times daily for the next month.
• DO NOT soak, submerge in water. Short showers OK. NO baths, swimming, hot tubs, soaking, and NO working out (cardio/weights etc.) for 3 weeks.
• DO NOT pick or scratch scabs. Let them fall off naturally.
• No direct sun for 2 weeks. Once healed we recommend to always apply the highest SPF sunblock to tattoo when in the sun.
If your tattoo is not taken good care of, the life of your tattoo will be short. The care of your tattoo will affect whether or not you will need a touch-up. If touch ups are needed, prices on touch-ups are based on the care of your tattoo and that will be determined by the artist once the tattoo is completely healed (about 1 month). To schedule a touch-up, you MUST come in the studio to set your appointment.